About Me

Being Italian, food has always been centre stage in my life: I enjoyed cooking and eating hearty meals from an early age and was aware that food and health were interlinked. However, in my twenties I moved to London and ended up working as a Product Manager in the film and video game industry. I partied a lot, drank, slept erratically, skipped meals and ate junk food. Furthermore, an unhappy relationship meant years of chronic stress and anxiety. I still looked and felt relatively good though (ah, youth!) so did not worry about my health during that time.

It was only in my mid to late thirties, when my new (wonderful) partner and I decided to have a child, that I started to realise the impact my lifestyle choices may have had. I got pregnant and miscarried repeatedly, leaving us both completely devastated every time. We also tried a round of IVF with no success. After every loss, my GP would tell me that it was just bad luck and we should keep trying, but I knew there was something wrong. In that time, I also gained close to 10 kilograms, found myself exhausted and falling asleep every night at 8pm, and started to lose my hair. I felt betrayed by my own body.

Through private investigations, I was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disorder where my own immune system was attacking my thyroid, impeding its function. I began researching the condition and soon realised that there was a big connection between the thyroid, the gut and the immune system. Thyroid health is also strongly linked to fertility and metabolism. I started my healing journey, changing my diet to heal my gut and eating nutrient dense, nourishing foods.

I became so passionate about my health that I decided to take it further and go back to school to study Naturopathic Nutrition. I worked with a functional medical doctor who tested me, amongst other things, for food sensitivities (of which I had many!) and adrenal health. I tweaked my diet further, took supplements to address any deficiencies I had, focused on restorative exercise such as yoga, practised gratitude daily and started to visualise the life I wanted. In May 2014 I found out we had conceived naturally. It was an incredible surprise, but at the same time, my journey had led me to trust my body again and I knew that this pregnancy would be different. I had a very healthy and happy pregnancy and gave birth to my miracle baby girl in January 2015, at age 39.

How Can I Help You?

I am passionate about women’s health, and I want to educate, empower and inspire you to take control and go on a healing journey. I love working with women through the exciting stages of pre-conception and pregnancy as well as helping busy mums regain their health and wellbeing after putting everyone else first. Being a mum myself, I am also aware of the demands of motherhood and am vehement about helping mothers work through them. I know what it’s like to spread yourself too thin and how challenging eating healthily can be when you’re trying to do it all.

I help women who – like me – long so much for a child they end up losing themselves on their fertility and motherhood journey. Women who live from cycle to cycle when trying to conceive, have experienced the heartbreak of loss and who want to experience the joy of pregnancy and childbirth.

I will work with you to get to the root cause of your health concern and put together a tailored nutrition and lifestyle plan to help you rediscover your vitality, wellness and fertility. Through coaching, I will help you trust and believe in yourself and your body again, and step into the greatest version of yourself.

As a certified Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, I am fully insured and a registered member of B.A.N.T (British Association of Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy) and CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council) as well as training as a Health Coach. I attend regular seminars, courses and workshops to keep up to date with the ever evolving scientific research in health and nutrition.


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